Vava Quail, a gifted songwriter and pianist, has recently unveiled his inaugural album, “Beloved Ashes.” This meticulously crafted collection of eight compositions delves into the artist’s rural German upbringing, exploring the complex emotions of returning to one’s childhood surroundings. With a nuanced blend of nostalgia and the unfamiliar, the album takes listeners on an emotionally resonant journey.

“Beloved Ashes” has garnered acclaim for its inventive and original sound, drawing comparisons to Joanna Newsom’s acclaimed work, “Divers.” The album’s opening track, “Sugar,” sets an intimate tone with isolated vocals delivering poetic and storytelling lyrics, paving the way for a mesmerizing array of vocal arrangements. The titular track, “Beloved Ashes,” continues to captivate with its exploration of overlapping voices, weaving a melancholic narrative.

The album unfolds like a delicate tapestry, with standout moments such as “Calendula,” a wistful and nostalgic composition filled with vivid natural imagery, and “Hold On! I’m On The Sea!” a dynamic piece featuring atmospheric strings and percussive textures. As the album gradually builds, it reaches a cathartic climax, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

“Beloved Ashes” is not merely a musical endeavor but a deeply personal expression of Vava Quail’s talent as both a songwriter and pianist. Crafted in his Berlin bedroom, the album incorporates the sounds of his childhood and youth, featuring the grand piano that has been his companion for over two decades, layered vocals forming ethereal choirs, and occasional appearances of the saxophone and flute.

The album’s inspiration stems from a trip to Vava Quail’s rural German hometown, where the artist experienced a profound sense of alienation—simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar. This emotional encounter gave birth to the album’s cornerstone, “Beloved Ashes,” and motivated the creation of an entire musical narrative around the theme of alienation, transforming it into a captivating and immersive sonic experience.

Scheduled for release on December 8, 2023, “Beloved Ashes” promises to be a remarkable debut, inviting listeners to embark on a unique and soul-stirring musical journey.


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