Dewey Kincade & The Navigators have just released their awaited album, “Standing on a Rock.” This new music project goes beyond songs taking listeners on a journey through the diverse experiences of human life.
The first track, “Why ” delves into life’s challenges. How to overcome them by defying beliefs provides a melodic haven, for perseverance. “Standing on a Rock” is an expression of emotions capturing deep feelings, with true sincerity. Many see this album as Dewey Kincade’s work showcasing the talent and skill of both the artist and his band The Navigators. Fans can. Download this gem from Dewey Kincade’s official website.
Created over seventeen years with love and dedication “Standing on a Rock” remains relevant in today’s world. Songs like “Get out of Touch” and “Cold” have an appeal while the album explores musical styles from the reflective tones of “To Build a Fire” to the lively vibes of “Standing on a Rock.” Of dwelling on regrets, the album inspires listeners to focus on the limitless possibilities ahead.

This album shines brightly due to its remarkable instrumentation, a facet that stands out prominently upon listening. Skillfully arranged guitars and drums form a robust framework, allowing Kincade’s formidable vocals to effortlessly ascend to new heights. Each track serves as a testament to the art of songcraft, featuring original lyrics seamlessly interwoven with captivating vocal melodies. Whether embracing the tranquil nuances of “To Build a Fire” or the raw energy of “Standing on a Rock,” every composition underscores the band’s remarkable versatility and consummate expertise.

The production journey of this album mirrors the resilience and dedication evident in its music. Dewey Kincade navigated through a series of challenges, encountering setbacks ranging from label withdrawals to studio closures. Yet, his unwavering determination bore fruit, culminating in the involvement of Grammy-nominated Andrew McKenna Lee, whose deft touch in mixing elevated the tracks to sublime perfection.

With its emotive depth and musical finesse, the known song, “Standing on a Rock ” brings back memories of American culture from the 1990s with its heartfelt lyrics and musical talent. This song is sure to make an impact, on those who listen to it.