Anni’s latest single, “Fix Your Fears,” intricately explores the notion of embracing personal limitations and recognizing the futility of attempting to alter others. Through poignant lyrics and a captivating musical arrangement, the song imparts the profound message of embracing one’s individual journey towards self-evolution.

The production seamlessly blends pop melodies with dynamic drum & bass rhythms, resulting in a distinctive and compelling sonic experience. Anni’s vocals serve as a source of solace, encouraging listeners to relinquish unrealistic expectations and find liberation in acceptance.

“Fix Your Fears” has garnered widespread acclaim for its lyrical depth and Anni’s emotive delivery, resonating deeply with audiences. The accompanying music video, meticulously crafted by director Peter Neils and filmed against the backdrop of Venice Beach, Los Angeles, enriches the narrative with captivating visuals.

Highlighted by rushing piano synths and Anni’s signature emotive vocals, the single represents a significant milestone in her artistic journey, showcasing her confidence and readiness for broader recognition.