Billy Raffoul’s new single “My Old Man” is a heartfelt and emotional song that showcases his musical talent. This incredible tune “My Old Man”  by Billy Raffoul is one of the catchiest songs we’ve heard recently. The chorus is so beautiful and the production is very professional. The lyrics are so original and mesh with the melody perfectly, and the production is polished and sounds very professional.

The lyrics of “My Old Man” reflect themes of family and personal experiences. The song starts with the lines “Follow the puck and square your shoulders / And be sure that glove is always open”, which are reminiscent of a father’s advice to his son. The song then goes on to describe the relationship between a father and son, with lines like “I could do a hell of a lot worse than / To be like my old man”. The melody of the song is simple yet powerful, with Billy Raffoul’s voice conveying the emotions of the lyrics. The song has a slow and steady pace, which adds to the emotional impact of the lyrics.

“My Old Man” is a beautiful and touching song that showcases Billy Raffoul’s musical talent and ability to convey emotions through his music. Billy Raffou has one of the most charming voices we’ve heard in months and his professional vocal performance shows how talented he is. The song is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates heartfelt and emotional music.

A soulful rock singer/songwriter whose rugged vocals and moody approach recall a mixture of Jeff BuckleyJoe Cocker, and Bruce Springsteen, Ontario native Billy Raffoul spent the latter part of the 2010s delivering a succession of increasingly popular EPs and singles like “Acoustic” and “Dark Four Door,” which were streamed in the millions. He made his full-length debut in 2020 with the stripped-down International Hotel. Raffoul was schooled in music from a young age. The son of respected regional solo artist Jody Raffoul, Billy spent his childhood immersed in the finer points of rock history, watching his father perform and learning to play guitar himself. By his late teens, he’d begun performing around his hometown of Leamington, Ontario and nearby, writing songs and honing his stagecraft.

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