Blindness & Light’s latest work, “Your Ghost,” is a captivating reinterpretation of Kristin Hersh’s 1994 classic. The band, an informal collective from North Wales and the North of England, has masterfully infused the track with their signature post-punk and indie influences, drawing comparisons to icons like The Smiths and Joy Division.

“Your Ghost” marks a pivotal moment for Blindness & Light, symbolizing the end of their first phase and the beginning of self-produced music. The track was recorded between the Isle of Anglesey and Warrington, UK, and stands as the final collaboration with their previous producer. This version maintains the melancholic essence of the original but introduces a dynamic twist with Colin M Potter’s poignant guitar work and Helen Reynolds’ haunting vocals, complemented by the bold bass of Chris Hall and Tony Denmade’s ethereal keyboards.

As the song progresses, it builds into a powerful crescendo, transforming the acoustic intimacy of Hersh’s version into an intense, gothic soundscape. This unique blend of acoustic and electronic elements breathes new life into the song, making it a standout addition to their repertoire.

“Your Ghost” is not just a cover but a thrilling reimagining that showcases Blindness & Light’s ability to honor the past while forging their own path. It’s a must-listen that underscores their creative evolution and enduring love for 4AD records. Follow Blindness & Light for more groundbreaking music as they prepare for their upcoming album.