An irresistible breath embroidered with catchy notes here is Chris Goma unveiling his new track ”Smile”. This gifted artist has a pure and charming singing voice and it creates unique and wonderful atmospheres. The haunting and sensual rhythm will captivate you in heady arpeggios. From the catchy movements and the feverish crescendos to the chords percussed by soft percussions, Chris Goma invites you to a suave and shady peregrination. ”Smile” is a song from the perspective of Chris Goma’s friend’s friend who passed, encouraging the living to continue to Smile & celebrate life, even after death. This amazing masterpiece left us so excited to see where Chris Goma’s career will go over the coming months.

Christopher Ryangoma Tabaro (born January 27, 1995), known as Chris Goma, is an American-born Canadian singer-songwriter, arranger, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles, California. Goma’s unique style (Hypno Funk) fuses elements of rhythm and blues, hip-hop, funk, soul, jazz, and electronic music. Goma was first introduced to music at a young age by his father. He picked up the keyboard at the age of 7. It wasn’t until he turned 12 years of age that he picked up his core instrument, the electric bass.

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