A caressing pop breath that slides and twirls in notes with groovy electro hues, here is Claire Donzelli who unveils her new title ”I’m Not Sorry”. In synthetic swings, under a haunting song with languid intonations, she create a combination of soft pulsations and delicate beats. Offering a minimalist swing with atmospheric bursts, Claire Donzelli multiplies the emotionally-filled cracklings, leading into an exquisite trance. Weaving vaporous harmonies, she distill zest in nebulous puzzles. This gifted artist delivers her new track that tenderly shakes hearts and leaves people dreaming, while waiting for the rest.

Claire Donzelli is a dream-pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Palo Alto, California. Originally a classically trained vocalist, Claire first became interested in contemporary music and songwriting when she found an unused piano and started improvising during her lunch break. Claire’s vocals have been compared to the likes of Norah Jones, Dido, and Adele, and she uses songwriting as a means to uplift and connect with people on relatable themes.

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