London-based singer-songwriter Eden Rain, originally from Leeds, unveils her poignant new single, “Closer.” This track marks her first release since her well-received EP, “But I’m Alright Now,” from November 2023. In “Closer,” Eden delves deeply into the complexities of love and grief, offering listeners an intimate glimpse into her emotional journey through her expressive lyrics and compelling vocal performance.

“Closer” articulates the profound feelings of supporting a loved one through sorrow, capturing the helplessness of witnessing their struggle while being unable to alleviate their pain. Eden’s heartfelt narrative and the song’s tender melody create a powerful cathartic experience for both the artist and her audience. She described the writing process as one of her most emotionally significant, revealing that the creation of “Closer” brought her to tears, highlighting its deep personal resonance.

Accompanying the release is a DIY music video directed by Jack Britten, featuring creative input from Eden’s circle of friends, enhancing the song’s emotional depth. As Eden continues to captivate the London music scene and expand her influence across the UK, “Closer” stands as a testament to her evolving artistry and her ability to connect profoundly with listeners through her music.