FONVERY, the moniker for multi-instrumentalist Francis Convery, has released a mesmerizing new single, “Did You Want Me To Love You?” Drawing inspiration from indie luminaries like Mac Demarco and Steve Lacy, FONVERY crafts a sound that is both raw and captivating. This track, inspired by the awkward charm of the film “Juno,” blends lighthearted instrumentals with lyrics infused with nervous energy, perfectly capturing the essence of early romantic encounters.

Recorded with a DIY ethos, the single showcases FONVERY’s ability to turn limitations into strengths, creating a rich, textured sound from minimal resources. Convery’s delicate vocals and introspective lyrics invite listeners into an intimate world of vulnerability and discovery.

“Did You Want Me To Love You?” is a testament to FONVERY’s unique artistry and creative vision. Don’t miss out on this enchanting release—follow FONVERY for more musical gems in the future.

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