A sensual breath twisted with a melancholic groove, here is Francis Foxx who unveils Incinerate, an addictive first track.
Under electronica scents, it infuses its notes with a graceful rhythmic movement back and forth. Immersing the bodies in arpeggios troubled by soft tensions, this Australian artist, stands out with a singular poetic rhythm.
Mixing pop intonations with Soul bursts, this singer, multi-instrumentalist producer invites to a depth charged with a soft lightness. Thus in bursts knotted with a throbbing sense of rhythm, Francis Foxx engraves the hearts of his powerful song.
So, in flights hemmed with a slender spleen, he succumbs with Incinerate. Alternating the bubbling jolts of choirs, delicate percussions and somber assonances, Francis finds the perfect balance.