George Bolton’s Trancendental makes a triumphant return with “Atomic,” an album that masterfully bridges the past and the present of the techno and trance scenes. Released on May 24, this collection is a vibrant homage to the 90s electronic music era, packed with Bolton’s signature synth-driven soundscapes. Recorded in his home studio in Boston, “Atomic” is an eclectic mix that pushes the boundaries of EDM, infusing it with influences beyond the genre’s traditional confine.

From the electrifying opener “Vapourtrail” to the atmospheric “Euphoria,” each track on “Atomic” is a meticulously crafted burst of energy, designed to get listeners moving. The album’s standout, “Pop and Lock,” features catchy synth loops and sultry vocals that add a melodic twist to the dancefloor experience. Closing with “Ancestors,” Bolton’s ability to blend shimmering waves and serene beats is showcased, leaving a lasting impression.

Naomi Joan notes, “Atomic is a danceable and club-friendly project that thrives on Bolton’s genius, ready to break your dance floors.” George Bolton’s Transcendental is a name to watch, with plans for live DJ gigs that promise to bring this electrifying album to life.

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