Hazel Rose’s latest single, “Rear View Mirror,” is a beautifully crafted alt-pop track that perfectly captures the essence of nostalgia and introspection. The London-based artist, inspired by the likes of Billie Eilish, Holly Humberstone, and Fleetwood Mac, uses her unique sound to explore themes of regret and self-discovery. The track’s evocative melody and Hazel’s emotive vocals create a poignant atmosphere, reflecting on simpler times and the impact of past decisions on the present.

The production is intricate, with layers that highlight Hazel’s voice and lyrics, drawing listeners into a reflective journey through time. The chorus stands out, encapsulating the emotional struggle of navigating life’s complexities while yearning for past happiness. Hazel Rose’s ability to blend relatable themes with captivating music makes “Rear View Mirror” a must-listen, showcasing her talent and deep emotional resonance.

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