Jay Putty’s latest single, “On My Way,” is a heartfelt folk-pop anthem that navigates the unpredictable journey of life with a hopeful and resilient spirit. Drawing from deeply personal experiences, such as the tragedy of his house burning down leading to a life-changing first date with his now-wife, and the inspiration to live fully following his father’s passing, Jay masterfully conveys that even in the darkest moments, unexpected joy and opportunities can emerge.

The song features a rich tapestry of instruments including acoustic guitar, ukulele, piano, and mandolin, creating a vibrant and uplifting melody. The collaboration with writers Michael McQuaid, Maggie Cothren, and producer Kevin Gates brings a polished and emotive production to the track​.

As Jay Putty puts it, “If you’re breathing, you have the ability to move forward.” This sentiment resonates through the song, making it an empowering anthem about perseverance and finding beauty in life’s twists and turns. Already featured on platforms like Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, “On My Way” is a testament to Jay’s ability to connect with listeners on a profound level.

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