Joey Collins’s contemporary musical “This Untold War” debuts as a timely song in the indie music scene that tells approximately the subject of mental health and depression the song famously emerged, an example in the process, inspiring people from around the world.

The “This Untold War” score is a masterpiece that showcases Collins’ signature style of gently matching smooth guitars with effective vocals to create a deeply emotional musical experience. Through her quiet but uncooked performance, Collins filters through the intricacies of the human psyche, facilitating a compassionate and passionate relationship.

Along with a desire to draw attention to problems of mental strength, “This Untouchable War” stands as a beacon of desire. Encouraging listeners to face their inner demons and find strength in a vulnerable place, not just a song, but a supportive partner going through mental health challenges this song is the first touch for Joey Collins’s discography as an artist dedicated to creating music that entertains no better yet heal and conjure is.