‘Ohio I’ll Be Fine’ marks a significant milestone in the musical journey of Kramies, the esteemed American songwriter celebrated for his evocative folklore and emotive prowess. Released as his second official single of 2021, this composition stands as a testament to his artistry, seamlessly intertwining elements of fantasy and reality to craft a lush, raw, and ethereal dream-folk masterpiece.

At the heart of this heartfelt acoustic ballad are the talents of Jerry Becker of Train and Jim Bogios of Counting Crows, whose collaboration adds depth and dimension to Kramies’ introspective narrative. Delving into the thematic backdrop of his native Ohio, the song serves as a poignant reflection on both his personal history and enduring ties to the state.

Accompanied by an animated video that bathes its lyrical imagery in a warm, nostalgic glow, ‘Ohio I’ll Be Fine’ strikes a delicate balance between uplifting spirits and resonating deeply with listeners’ emotions. Available across various platforms, including Bandcamp, this track serves as a compelling preview of the forthcoming self-titled Kramies EP.

Notably, this acoustic rendition follows in the footsteps of Kramies’ first college radio #1 hit, originally released in 2022 with a full band ensemble featuring Jerry Becker of Train and Jim Bogios of The Counting Crows. With each iteration, Kramies’ musical evolution continues to captivate audiences, reaffirming his position as a singular talent within the contemporary folk landscape.