With contagious sweetness, here is Marcel with his first release ”I Want to Be Yours”. Mixing warm notes and atmospheric assonances, this singer invites you to a delicate groove. The song has a wonderful hooky chorus, and Marcel has one of the most charming and amazing voices, and his vocal performance is incredibly catchy. Under his song, which caresses the hearts, this talented artist slips emotions on edge. In balance, his notes offer embraces filled with soft tunes and languid beats merging into bewitching ballads. You will enjoy listening to his singing until the last second.

21-year old singer and guitarist Marcel from lower Austria has been living for music since he was a little child. As a teenager he started to play songs on the streets and instantly gained a lot of attention in his hometown – the first bookings for shows in restaurants and small clubs followed shortly. In 2019, after living abroad for 11 years, the internationally successful record producer Phil Speiser moved back to Vienna and was introduced to the Austrian talent.

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