Parham Gharavaisi’s latest single, “Ghosts of Nations,” is a powerful testament to his mastery of melodic metal. Hailing from Tehran, Gharavaisi’s intricate guitar work and intense vocals create a captivating experience. The track delves into themes of societal decay and historical atrocities, with fiery riffs and dense screams that drive its poignant message home.

Recorded in his home studio and mastered by Tide Studio London, “Ghosts of Nations” stands out for its raw energy and thought-provoking lyrics. This single is a must-listen for metal enthusiasts, offering a blend of intensity and introspection that resonates deeply. Parham Gharavaisi’s unique approach to music is evident, making “Ghosts of Nations” a significant addition to his discography.

This track is not only a reflection of his musical evolution but also a call to engage with the world more thoughtfully. Follow Parham Gharavaisi for more compelling music that pushes the boundaries of metal.