The renowned rock ensemble, Petting Zoo, hailing from the United States, has unveiled their latest musical offering, “Pinks n Reds.”
“Pinks n Reds” emanates a robust rock aura, featuring Zack Ely lending his vocal prowess alongside his rhythmic guitar, complemented by Bennett Newman’s electrifying guitar melodies, Joe Wen’s resonating bass lines, Colin Berger’s percussive mastery on the drumkit, and DEEGAN’s dual role as vocalist and producer. The song effortlessly captivates with its infectious melody and pulsating rhythm, promising to engage listeners and prompt them to sway to its beat.

“Pinks n Reds” delves into the realm of human relationships, portraying the poignant narrative of a love that has dwindled. The vocalist mourns the loss of the vibrant affection once shared with their partner, lamenting, “Pinks and reds, they used to be our colors / Now they’re just a memory of what we had.” Through these verses, the song serves as a poignant reflection on the evolution of love and its inevitable transformations over time.

“Pinks n Reds” stands as a formidable addition to Petting Zoo’s repertoire. The track impeccably showcases the band’s prowess in crafting melodically rich rock compositions intertwined with emotionally resonant lyrics. Enthusiasts of the band and aficionados of rock music alike are encouraged to immerse themselves in the sonic journey offered by “Pinks n Reds.”