Shane Rennison, an indie-pop songwriter hailing from Catskill, NY, has recently unveiled his latest single, “Drunk,” as part of his much-anticipated “Nice To Meet You” EP. This collection, comprised of five tracks, serves as a testament to Rennison’s eclectic musical influences, drawing inspiration from notable artists such as The 1975, Passion Pit, and Harry Styles.

“Drunk” intricately explores themes of vulnerability and self-doubt, drawing from Rennison’s personal journey while studying abroad in France. Through poignant lyricism and captivating melodies, the song delivers a powerful message about fostering inner confidence and self-awareness, emphasizing that true empowerment need not rely on intoxicating substances.

Rennison’s musical odyssey has been shaped by a myriad of experiences, notably his time spent studying abroad in Paris, where he unearthed his profound passion for music. Since debuting his inaugural track in 2018, Rennison has garnered acclaim for his genuine and emotive musical expressions, propelling him forward on his creative path.

A live rendition of “Drunk” at the esteemed Outlier Inn serves as a testament to Rennison’s authentic and soul-stirring performance style, showcasing his distinct musical flair and profound emotional resonance. With eager anticipation from his devoted audience, the release of “Drunk” marks another milestone in Rennison’s ongoing evolution as a burgeoning artist to be reckoned with.