”Heaven is Bleeding” is the new wonderful release with an amazing performance by the gifted indie singer/songwriter Skogebrandt. ”Heaven is Bleeding” is tender and true, the undulating notes of piano driving Skogebrandt’s voice to fresh heights. Those high keening notes are unforgettable and are a stunning performance, dropping from the heavens as ”Lose It All”. Skogebrandt has one of the most charming pop voices we have ever heard, and his powerful performance in this song is incredibly catchy. This amazing masterpiece left us so excited to see where Skogebrandt’s career will go over the coming months!

Recorded during a live-in-studio session in Reykjavík in February this year, ”Heaven is Bleeding” was completed at a time when it felt like everybody was re-evaluating anything and everything. The grand piano-based song is taken from the three-track release Reykjavík Sessions.

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