The Buddyrevelles’ new EP, The Consolation, marks a triumphant return for the band after more than 15 years. This Chicago-based indie rock trio, consisting of Aaron Grant (guitar & vocals), Scott Hoch (bass & vocals), and Dan Reinholdt (drums), brings a blend of nostalgic melodies and fresh energy to their latest project. The Consolation is the first of three four-song EPs, showcasing their signature layered guitars and introspective lyrics.

The EP kicks off with “Abracadabracus,” a track that instantly captivates with its dynamic tonal swells and questioning vocals, setting a reflective yet engaging tone. “Music Crisis Midlife” stands out with its harmonious blend of jangling guitars and brass infusions, creating a comfortably nostalgic yet innovative sound. The EP concludes with “Locked in, Loaded,” a brisk and infectious track that leaves listeners wanting more.

As the band merges older ideas with new inspirations, they capture a sense of maturity and renewed passion. Aaron’s raw guitar and vocal performance, Scott’s powerful bass, and Dan’s intricate drumming create a cohesive and emotionally rich musical experience. The Buddyrevelles’ return is not just a revival but a testament to their enduring talent and creativity. This EP not only meets but exceeds expectations, setting a high bar for their future releases.