Music has a way of evoking emotions like nothing else. Songs can transport you in time and space, excite or comfort you, or even get you dancing. Here is a list of our top 10 songs of this week.


Promising R&B singer-songwriter Naomi Vaughn releases new single “ye, aha”from her upcoming debut EP


GEEK Godlike


Ozzy’s beat has an in-the-cloud “Zeus of the gods” type of vibe which GEEK plays off of masterfully with his Zeus-like attack while tying it in with a raw hip hop vibe.

TCAT x okafuwa Undone


Undone is a Tropical EDM Vibe song containing amazing original vocals and lyrics and top-notch new age production. Independently releasing any additional support to keep the moment going of my biggest release is appreciated.



This is a simple story about a boy who wants to be “more than just friends” with a girl. Please enjoy and thank you for listening.




Matt Nye x mark vasquez Blowing in the Wind (feat. Mark Vasquez)


Hard Lights, ECHŌWALL, Jaimes  Stereotype Of A Broken Min



AR Welcome To the Jungle


To millions of hip-hop listeners, Dayvon Bennett was known as King Von, an exemplar of drill and a supremely stylish gangsta rapper.



ear candy better alone


Wrote this track about finally breaking free from the thing or the person that you thought was so good for you but turned out to be very much the opposite.




“Broke” is a playful piano-led single that tackles the time-tested quandary of insufficient funds with good-natured optimism: “Even though it’s about not having a lot of money, hearing it still feels good,”