Cornucopia Modus album by Tyler Kamen is the last character of the story that is being told in the whole Spectacular Vegetable world. This album is not only the most important album in Kamen’s discography, but it also demonstrates the diversity in his music taste from the progressive rock giants like Genesis and Pink Floyd to modern experimentalists like King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard.

“Cornucopia Modus” is narrated in such detail that it matches the woven fabric of fantasy and adventure. The main character is a very brave warrior from the Vegetable Tribe who goes on a perilous mission to the mutant-inhabited world where everything is messed up. Kamen does this journey with us, and in it, he looks at matters such as bravery, excitement, and restoration, and the music that complements the scene is so beautiful.
The talents of Kamen are displayed on every track, and he creates a symphony of complex sounds that are equally fascinating. The production, which was Kamen’s own work done at his New York studio, was a great way to bring out the thematic and musical depth of the album. The last piece of the Gnome and Machine series, “Cornucopia Modus”, not only brings the story to a conclusion but also connects all musical and thematic ideas introduced in the earlier works, so that the piece is both retrospective and progressive.

Kamens’s thoroughness, his storytelling skills, and the fact that listening to this album is not a linear process but a plunge into a well-developed world make it not only an auditory experience but a real voyage into another world. The last point is the fact that “Cornucopia Modus” became a breakthrough in the career of Tyler Kamen because he can create a complex, multi-level music composition that goes beyond the music boundaries of the conventional music scene.