WORRYWORRY’s latest single, “River Wey,” is a beautifully crafted piece that distinguishes itself within the indie folk genre. The track skillfully combines introspective lyrics with a serene melody, inviting listeners on a reflective journey akin to the meandering paths of its namesake river. Through poignant simplicity and genuine emotion, the song explores themes of personal discovery and the inexorable flow of time, resonating deeply with those familiar with the tranquil River Wey in Surrey.

“River Wey” not only enriches WORRYWORRY’s discography but also stands as a testament to the power of nature as a source of inspiration and contemplation. Its harmonious blend of gentle guitar strums and harmonies accentuates the song’s contemplative quality, making it a profound listening experience that connects with both the heart and the spirit of its audience. This track is indeed a highlight in an album that celebrates the delicate interplay between human emotions and the natural world.