Alana Sukul the South West London newcomer amazing us with her performance in the new R&B-tinged funk-pop single ”Be Friends”. This song is full of emotions, she unfolds the feelings in groovy intertwining, ”Be Friends” enchants the hearts. In a catchy tune, and under a caressing song, the melodies are so beautiful and mesh with the lyrics perfectly. Embroidered back and forth and soaring sustained by gently powerful percussions, her amazing singing voice offer a unique experience. The end result is the funky pop production of ‘Be Friends’, underpinned by a sensitive acoustic guitar and buoyant bass.

Alana Sukul Explores What It Means To 'Be Friends' in New Single — WEAREYMX

Alana Sukul is an exciting, new-on-the-scene artist emerging from South West London. With parents hailing from the Caribbean, she has grown up surrounded by the influences from her culture that she has interpreted into her image, musical style and character, while also blending in the vibe of hip-hop culture. Although she is often perceived as a soulful R&B artist, she refuses to be identified as fitting into any single genre and instead experimenting with a variety of sounds and styles such as her current favorite, R&B-tinged funk-pop.

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