“A Humble Humanity,” the most recent musical offering from the talented artist A.STEEL, graced the public airwaves on November 24, 2023. This collection of compositions includes notable tracks such as “Ultimatum,” “Tyranny,” “Transformer and Avenger,” “A Letter to Planet Rock,” and more. Audiences can access the album for streaming and download through reputable platforms like Bandcamp and Amazon Music. A.STEEL’s latest work serves as a comprehensive showcase of his artistic prowess, encompassing facets of production, writing, and engineering, with a profound intent to motivate and uplift.

The album cover, adorned with the insightful mantra “The world doesn’t change, but people do,” sets the tone for a transformative musical journey.

  1. Ultimatum: During a world filled with conflict, “Ultimatum” espouses a desire for peace and love amidst prevailing warfare. A commitment to personal values is emphasized, with an unwavering refusal to compromise one’s principles for financial gain.
  2. Tyranny: “Tyranny” delves into the oppressive forces that loom over impoverished nations. Through symbolic elements like strings representing sorrow and synth embodying the essence of children, the track paints a poignant picture. The inclusion of a Gregorian chant infuses a note of hope within the narrative.
  3. Transformer and Avenger: This track is a linguistic play, urging listeners to transform and avenge. Encouraging a shift in perspectives, it challenges ingrained thought patterns and advocates for personal growth while bidding farewell to outdated ideologies.
  4. A Letter to Planet Rock: Critiquing the modern narrative of consumerism and relentless toil, “A Letter to Planet Rock” questions societal expectations. It sheds light on the parallels between contemporary work culture and a new-age form of servitude.
  5. Negative Recognition: Encouraging authenticity, “Negative Recognition” reminds listeners of the imperfections inherent in human nature. It serves as a motivational anthem to stay true to oneself despite societal pressures.
  6. At The End of Musashi’s Life: This composition pays homage to the legendary Musashi, an undefeated ronin samurai who transitioned into a life of spirituality, art, and literature. The track captures the essence of his later years, marked by introspection and intellectual pursuits.
  7. Disconnected: Reflecting on the paradox of technology, “Disconnected” explores how advancements meant to unite humanity often lead to emotional distance. The call to engage with one another on a more profound level, prioritizing heart over mind, resonates throughout.
  8. A Brave New Heart: “A Brave New Heart” encourages listeners to lead with courage and emotion, trusting that clarity will emerge over time. It advocates for embracing uncertainty and navigating life’s complexities with a brave and open heart.
  9. Final Agreement: The closing track, “Final Agreement,” underscores the universal longing for peace. It stresses the importance of mutual understanding and agreement as fundamental prerequisites for achieving harmony.

In “A Humble Humanity,” A.STEEL transcends the boundaries of conventional musical expression, offering a thought-provoking and soul-stirring experience for listeners seeking both artistic inspiration and profound introspection.

A.STEEL. is a multifaceted artist who pushes the boundaries of hip-hop and electronic music. Formerly recognized as Gr∑y, A.STEEL. has evolved through two distinct personas, each marked by a unique sonic journey. With four albums under his belt, A.STEEL. has woven his artistry into every aspect of the creative process – from production and songwriting, even through engineering.

Dubbing his music “Gam3BOI” music, A.STEEL. draws parallels between life and games. Influenced by musical talents such as Timbaland, Pharrell Williams, and Kid Cudi, A.STEEL. crafts a sonic experience that resonates with the raw authenticity of hip-hop while exploring the electronic realm.

Beyond his music, A.STEEL.’s artistic mission is to inspire others, conveying a message of resilience and hope. In a world marred by pain, A.STEEL. invites listeners to find peace and happiness through music.

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