With an amazing breath that shakes up, Anna Mae Kelly unveils her new single ‘’Waver’’. Distilling a catchy pop with plural bursts, this artist delivers a track with dark shades and distended echoes. ‘’Waver’’ is about a toxic relationship of blackmail, constant arguing, and pettiness. This song’s vibe is unique, the production is very professional, and the chorus will capture your heart. Her new track cultivates creative and professional music in an ethereal swing infused with incredible beats, a blend of sweetness and untamed energy. Anna Mae Kelly has a beautiful and purest pop singing voice. So, with ‘’Waver’’ ebullient notes of echoes, he invites you to a twisted groove of delicacy and unstable balance. From delicate lapels to electrified velvet jolts, it’s just one step Anna Mae Kelly takes with playful, irresistible class.


Anna Mae Kelly is a 17-year-old naturally talented musician who has grown up in Kettering. Anna grew up admiring various superstars of music and has found herself being largely inspired by both the musical and personal journeys of previously troubled stars such as Elton John and Freddie Mercury. Her personal sound is reminiscent of Adele and a young Florence & The Machine, with bold, passionate vocals that provide a modern approach to the sounds she grew up listening to.

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