The talented producer/singer­-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist ASTRINA came up with her new song Feel It Again. ASTRINA embeds hearts, under boosted percussions, and lines of synths in catchy bursts. So, under a song with powerful echoes, a haunting rhythm hammers that make you want to dance or take life on the safe side. Combining nostalgic overtones and contemporary upheavals, ASTRINA’s notes make her an artist to watch very closely. While waiting for her next single, here is what, to escape under this powerful groove, with hot addictive swaying.

Growing up, ASTRINA spent most of her time alone sitting at a grand piano writing instrumental music. But after realizing her love of performing at USC’s Thornton School of Music, she transformed into a producer/singer­-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who has fashioned a deeply profound breed of indie-pop.

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