New York musician B.Miles returns with her new song “The Year I Felt Cool”. Under a haunting song with languid intonations, and the melodies are stunning and mesh with B.Miles’s voice perfectly. In notes with both languid and stellar overtones, this gifted artist captivates us with iridescent harmonies of soft breezes. B.Miles’s voice is pure and amazing and it creates unique and wonderful atmospheres, and her performance is very professional. With a caressing song and with sweet scents, she unveils a captivating track. B.Miles weaves a story with irresistible movements.

On “The Year I Felt Cool,” B.Miles uses disco-ready grooves to take the listener out on a 4 AM New York City night, exploring who we are – or rather how we wish to be perceived – when the lights are shining brightest. For B.Miles, that was in the aftermath of her multi-million stream breakout “Salt,” a period that, while celebratory, left her searching for her true artistic self amongst the newfound but often inauthentic attention.

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