With a pop breath and synthetic assonances, here is Becoming Young with Cherry Twist, tastes like summertime and sin. Featuring rubbery basslines and sonorous vocals. A mix of languid-sounding breezes and intoxicating beats, the notes of Brandon Calano aka Becoming Young invite you to gentle global warming. This talented singer-songwriter continues his epic with psychedelic echoes. With Cherry Twist, he multiplies the combinations full of synth pulses intertwined with fiery bass lines. So with his slender dream pop, Becoming Young continues to hook hearts. So forget about summer by turning up the volume.

BECOMING YOUNG Debuts Flirty Single 'Cherry Twist' – GIG GOER

Becoming Young is a rallying call of reclamation. It’s a dare to dive in headfirst and find wonder through it all—joy & pain, life & death, triumph & defeat. Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Brandon Calano, writes and performs under the pseudonym Becoming Young, a name that symbolizes our collective journey to let go of the emotional walls, insecurities, and self-imposed rules that keep us from fully living.

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