“Dangerous” by the gifted artist Becoming Young is going to leave you stuck on repeat for a long time. Under his sensual and poignant breath, he distills a catchy vibe. In languidly swaying notes, this artist multiplies the persuasive and dancing percussions. This incredible track “Dangerous” is one of the catchiest songs we’ve heard recently. The chorus is so beautiful and the production is very professional. Mixing attractive movements and synthetic echoes, “Dangerous” irresistibly shake-up. On the back of his rap infused with soul elements, he invites multiple emotions.

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Brandon Calano writes and performs under the pseudonym Becoming Young. A name he says represents the journey to let go of everything we are not, so we can become who we are meant to be all along. The Colorado native moved to Nashville in 2019 to pursue music and has since been hailed by Forbes as an artist “brimming with intrigue, angst, and heartbreak.”

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