Here comes Ben Hazlewood who juggles this time with a singular sweetness on his new title ‘Lying’.
Despite the explosive title, the synthetic swings are hemmed with a softness that becomes alternately caressing and fiery. Without using crescendos, the beats snap the arpeggios into vaporous fusing segments. Now a tension bitten by sweet pulsations, this talented artist distills a slender and dreamy groove. So in tempered and subdued notes of emotions, Ben Hazlewood returns to whisper in hearts his subtle and irresistible rhythm. ‘Lying’ embodies the intention behind Ben’s debut album perfectly, full of raw, unfiltered emotion. This is an album that allows a variety of listeners to connect regardless of their background, there is something for everyone. For a moment of bewitching pleasure and delicacy, let yourself be carried away by ‘Lying’ and its devastating dreamlike.


Ben Hazlewood is the rare artist with a voice dynamic enough to captivate almost completely on its own. As an anthemic alt-pop artist, raised on artists like Jim Morrison, David Bowie, Stevie Nicks, and Janis Joplin, his music channels an outrageous vocal strength and an emotive soul-filled force. A force matched only by his magnetic stage presence and glam-rock-inspired fashion sensibilities.

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