With a diffused poetic sweetness, here is Benjamin Longmire who unveils his new title ”Pin Me Down”. Under catchy notes of pop echoes, he captivates our hearts. The singing voice is charmingly pure and his lyrics are original and well written. The lyrics and melodies of this record mesh together perfectly, and the vibe is catchy. This song is about reaching your dreams and dealing with jealousy. So, under his caressing song, our minds sail on an infinite horizon line, on the edge of the land, between reality and dreams. This amazing masterpiece left us so excited to see where Benjamin Longmire career will go over the coming months.

Benjamin Longmire is singer-songwriter / producer from northern New Mexico. He has been playing and recording music for 20 years. Benjamin Longmire has been featured in magazines around the world. “As an independent artist, I am proud that I have had more than 1 billion streams world wide.” He has played shows from the Hard Rock in Albuquerque to local shows in Los Alamos N.M. “I really enjoy recording other people. It is really refreshing and always leaves me inspired.” Thank you for checking out Benjamin Longmire out!! You can stream his music on most streaming platforms, if you don’t have the money to buy his music.

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