A folk echoes that crackles, and merges under an amazing song, here is Brian Mackey with ”Dublin Night Bird”. In a catchy tune, and under a caressing song, the vibes are so beautiful and mesh with the lyrics perfectly. In notes with both languid and stellar overtones, this talented artist captivates us with iridescent harmonies of soft breezes. Brian Mackey’s voice is pure and amazing and it creates unique and wonderful atmospheres which will give you a great experience. With graceful refrains and light pulsations, Brian Mackey weaves a story with irresistible movements. A vocally warm acoustic guitar and violin ballad ”Dublin Night Bird” tells the story of the emotional journey, of how Brian laid his son to rest in Ireland after a heroin overdose – Driving aimlessly, finding the perfect place, and the loneliness of that inward struggle to let go and start the process of grieving. This catchy song is a unique experience from start to finish, we hope you love it as much as we do.

Singer-Songwriter Brian Mackey voices what often goes unsaid with warmth and vulnerability that is reminiscent yet new. He’s often been told that he has a sound that combines a healthy balance of Folk, Pop, Rock, and Americana with a voice that is in the likes of the late Jim Croce. Originally from the northern Florida panhandle, Brian was raised on a diet of 90’s alt-rock and 70’s folk music. From a very early age, the youngest of three had an ear for music. His grandmother played piano, sitting in at local clubs, and his mother dabbled in songwriting. There was nothing Brian liked more than music.

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