With a pop with nostalgic impulses and a dreamy breath, here is Celine with her new pop-rock single Call Me.
A talented South African singer, songwriter, musician and actress, she distills delicate bursts plunged into an incandescent rhythm jostled with cloudy uppercuts. The tones and melodies that she has selected for this song are unique and enjoyable. She really shocked us with her great level, the lyrics are original and the chorus is catchy. The atmosphere of this song is very warm and wonderful.
Directed by Rash Ferguson, the video features Celine as herself, and Alice Findlay as ‘her’, the female presence that ‘haunts’ the protagonist as she goes about her daily life – always at the edge of consciousness, but never quite tangible. The crisp, yet tender treatment of the subject matter serves to highlight the beauty and fragility of female love and the emptiness a relationship can leave behind when it ended on unequal footing.