The new catchy song Maybe It’s Just Me by Chris Kläfford is going to make you enjoy the track until the last second. Under a sweetness crossed with melancholy outbursts and delicate caresses, Chris Kläfford establishes a suave groove bordered by heady wandering choirs. Chris Kläfford’s voice is a piece of art and his beautiful and unique music sets him apart from the crowd. “Maybe It’s Just Me”  is actually a message for the misfits, those who feel unable to belong, who’ve been considered weirdos and discouraged to do great things. His amazing performance in this song is incredibly catchy. Kläfford’s singles have sold platinum and topped the Swedish radio charts. With his soul-warming voice and genuine display of bravura, he has continued to garner fans from all around the world We hope you love this song as much as we do.

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