LOS ANGELES, CA – The highly acclaimed indie pop sensation, Chris Youmans, is poised to once again capture the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide with his eagerly awaited fifth single, “Make Things Right.” Building upon the astounding success of his previous releases, Youmans continues to push the boundaries of pop music, offering a distinctive sound paired with profound introspection.

Originally unveiled on February 5, 2016, as a part of his album “Make Things Right,” this soulful track can be found on popular music streaming platforms such as Spotify and SoundCloud. Moreover. “Make Things Right” masterfully fuses the essence of Michael Jackson’s timeless spirit with the sleek swagger of Daft Punk, all the while drawing inspiration from Youmans’s previous chart-topping hits on his forthcoming EP, “Electric Love Connection.”

Nevertheless, this single distinguishes itself from its predecessors by transcending its infectious beats and velvety vocals, delivering a profound and intimately personal message. Chris Youmans has embarked on a journey of self-exploration and emotional growth, delving deep into the aftermath of a fractured relationship, where the enduring echoes of love and regret intertwine. Through evocative lyrics and a mesmerizing melody, Youmans extends an invitation to listeners to embark on a cathartic voyage of self-discovery, forgiveness, and the quest for genuine redemption.

“Make Things Right” not only showcases Youmans’s musical prowess but also unveils the artist’s vulnerability and emotional depth, making it a compelling addition to his illustrious body of work. As Chris Youmans continues to redefine the landscape of indie pop, this single cements his status as an artist capable of both innovation and profound connection through his music.

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