Under a song flirting with melancholy murmurs, here is Christy with his new title Pictures. This talented artist distills a singular groove with haunting echoes. Multiplying the bitten notes with a delicate flow invites you to obsessive swaying. Christy’s voice gives the song a beautiful and unique atmosphere and his performance is professional. The lyrics are elegantly composed and certainly unique and his tunes are so enjoyable.  Like a mantra with intimate intonations and iridescent pulsations that slide into atmospheric arpeggios, “Pictures catches under its spellbinding rhythm.


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At 24, Christy O’Donnell has already lived out several unlikely dreams. He’s busked the streets of Glasgow making £400 a day. He’s been in a boy band, Supernova (“Busted meets One Direction – the music was terrible”); he’s played the lead in an indie film, Moondogs, and he’s currently two seasons in as a romantic hero in the time-traveling Disney series Find Me In Paris. He’s even climbed Arthur’s Seat with Rufus Wainwright… But beneath the young Glaswegian’s many incarnations is a serious musician about to unleash his first EP (August 2020): a suite of songs which mix the vocal tenderness of Jeff Buckley or Chris Martin with the swirling musicality of Bon Iver.

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