Colm O’Mahony & The Hot Touches have burst onto the rock scene with their debut single “Damage,” released on April 19, 2024. This track perfectly captures the essence of the golden era of rock, infused with a modern twist that makes it both nostalgic and fresh. The single is characterized by powerful vocals, precise guitar riffs, and a rhythmic bassline that drives the song forward with infectious energy.

Colm O’Mahony, who cites early inspirations from Queen’s Live Aid performance to Bruce Springsteen concerts, channels these influences into a sound that feels both grand and intimate. The music video, available on YouTube, complements the song with captivating visuals that heighten the emotional impact of the track.

“Damage” showcases the band’s ability to blend hard-hitting rock with relatable storytelling, a testament to O’Mahony’s skill as a songwriter. The single is available on all major streaming platforms, and it promises to be a strong introduction to their forthcoming album​.

For those seeking a dose of raw Irish rock energy, “Damage” is a must-listen. Follow Colm O’Mahony & The Hot Touches online for more updates and future releases.