Divining Rod released a new attractive song ”Another Endless Night” from Divining Rod’s lasted EP ”Santa Monica & Other Golden Classics”. The guitars and drums are incredibly catchy and the melodies are stunning and mesh with the singing voice perfectly.  Embroidered with nostalgia and weightless emotions, ”Another Endless Night” exudes ethereal movements of exquisite elegance. The production of this song is polished and sounds very professional and the chorus is wonderful. In the form of an Alt-Country Rock band, DIVINING ROD, led by Hawaiian born, multi-instrumentalist Miyuki Furtado, who sings, and plays guitar and drums simultaneously, serves up soul-tinged Country with his cohorts (guitarist/vocalist Patrick Harmon, bassist Matt Svigals, and drummer John Malone). With the release of an exciting new album, the band emerges from the pandemic.

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