Flynn Rink is back with their new single, ”Keeping Me Up”, and it’s tailor-made for back to school. The chorus is so catchy and the production is polished, smart and took this song to a whole new level. The sweet ukulele and the fresh drum machine beat create youthful runaway vibes, ”Keeping Me Up” will make you enjoy until the last second. Thanks to sensual and catchy notes, it creates irresistible combinations. The lyrics are honest and Flynn’s vocal performance is incredibly catchy. The track features a gritty, guitar-driven chorus that leads into a combination of poppy synths and infectious vocal chops – perfect for any pre-game or party.

With melodies made for the feels and drops made for the dance floor, Flynn Rink’s indie-pop EDM delivers a new level of soaring intimacy. “We want to make songs that make every experience unforgettable,” explains Jack Keating, one half of the duo, with producer Joe Welch.

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