The talented indie-pop band Gooseberry has just released their latest single ”Orbit”. The song is a love song but with a twist. It explores the complicated nature of love and the selfishness that is required for an artist to pursue their passion. The lyrics are so original and mesh with the melody perfectly, and the production is polished and sounds very professional. The singing voice is a piece of art. ”Orbit” is a departure from Gooseberry’s previous work, which was more upbeat and energetic. The song is slower and more introspective, with a focus on the lyrics and the emotions they convey. ”Orbit” is a beautiful and thought-provoking love song that showcases Gooseberry’s growth as a band. The song is available for streaming on all major platforms, and fans of indie-pop and introspective lyrics are sure to enjoy it.

Gooseberry is a trio from Brooklyn, New York born during the Fall of 2019. Their combination of alternative rock, indie, and blues is a recipe for a unique sound that Gooseberry delivers in each song. The band consists of Asa Daniels (guitar, vocals), Evin Rossington (drums), and Will Hammond (bass).

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