Under a song flirting with melancholy murmurs, here is Gracie Van Brunt with her new title Run Run Run.
Combining pop impulses, this talented artist distills a singular groove with haunting echoes. Multiplying the bitten notes with a delicate flow invites you to obsessive swaying. Like a mantra with intimate intonations and iridescent pulsations that slide into atmospheric arpeggios. The lyrics are original and very well written and Gracie’s voice is distinctive and beautiful. Run Run Run catches under its spellbinding rhythm, To be honest with you, this is a wonderful song.

Gracie Van Brunt was diagnosed with Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome (SDS) – a rare disease affecting the bone marrow, pancreas, and skeleton.
Inspired by Clarkson’s hard-earned success. Gracie came home with much inspiration and a new-found passion for music and songwriting. With this new passion, she started writing music, learning the guitar and piano and eventually gigging out in local bars along with creating and posting Youtube videos with the world.

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