A sensual breath that shakes up twisted pop notes of electro echoes, here is GREYA who delivers her new title Thrive. A talented artist with feverish creativity, the 21-year-old Philadelphia native & powerhouse pop vocalist distills an electronic groove with crepuscular assonances and sensual outbursts. this amazing song of GREYA is about a one-sided relationship, charged with emotion, slides into irresistible beating movements embroidered with bewitching cracklings. Electrifying hearts with her notes, and combine strength and gentleness in sumptuous combinations.

Greya gnarls confidence and empathy, resolute clarity, and an open-ended wish, into an artistic ambition that is distinctly her own. She’s only 21, but she’s already spent more than a decade writing, singing, and reconciling the ugly with the beautiful. Now, armed with a bold new collection of songs that playfully experiment with big melodies, EDM polish, vintage pop, and avant-garde combinations, Greya is staking out her own territory not as just a powerhouse vocalist and skilled storyteller, but as a provocative stylist who takes risks.

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