With guitar riffs that slide over a caressing song, here is Hollow Coves who reveals Evermore. In notes with both languid and stellar overtones, this talented duo captivates us in iridescent harmonies of soft breezes. Evermore defies gravity, ignoring time and that will make you want to hear it again and again. Distilling folk-sounding curls touch our hearts with this delicate song. So, for a captivating sweetness and charming breath, they catch hearts under the catchy melodies and dreamy groove. Try to dive into ”Evermore” and let yourself be carried away.

Nothing refracts light quite like music does. Even in the darkest of times, melodies change moods, and harmonies lift hearts. As affirmed by nearly 200 million total streams for the 2017 debut EP Wanderlust and praise from Indie Shuffle, Clash, and OnesToWatchHollow Coves carry light within an eloquent, engaging, and entrancing take on indie-folk. The Brisbane duo—Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins—strengthen a powerful two-way dialogue with listeners worldwide on their full-length debut, Moments [Nettwerk].

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