I Want Poetry, the indie-pop band, has been making waves with their latest album “Solace+Light. The album features their latest single “Light” which has been gaining popularity among fans. The song is a laid-back, dreamy tune that captures the essence of summer. “Light” is a positive song for a person whose light brightens the whole world: “All our world is painted by your light”. The energy of this song is so wonderful and the production is energetic and professional which took this song to a new level. I Want Poetry provides warm notes, inviting a colorful break. Turn up the volume for this indelible single.

With a signature mix of cinematic dream pop, head-spinning soundscapes, and ethereal vocals, I WANT POETRY went from being an insider tip to a force to be reckoned with within the German electropop scene in no time at all. Singer/songwriter Tine von Bergen and pianist/composer Till Moritz Moll invite listeners to a dreamy voyage between worlds of sound. It’s an eternal interplay of warm nostalgia, serene elegance, and a light-flooded glimmer of hope, which runs like a thread through their new songs.

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