J.MYSTERY has once again captivated his audience with the release of his latest single, “Better Days,” a standout track from his new EP, Live from Arda Recorders. Known for his ability to blend alternative rock, electronic, and atmospheric pop, J.MYSTERY offers a unique and deeply emotional listening experience.

Produced and arranged by Francisco Reis, “Better Days” is a beacon of hope amidst chaos and loss, reminding listeners of the promise of a brighter tomorrow. This track is enriched by contributions from Gonçalo Salta on drums, and the strings of Ian and Ana Ribeiro, Mateusz Stasto, and Nikolai Gimaletdinov, adding a lush, orchestral depth to the song.

As a Portuguese singer-songwriter, J.MYSTERY, whose real name is Tiago Martins, draws from his gospel roots, yet consistently pushes musical boundaries. His magnetic performances and distinctive voice have solidified his place in the music scene. “Better Days” is a testament to his evolving sound and artistic vision.

This song is not just a testament to J.MYSTERY’s growth but also a piece that resonates deeply, promising listeners a sonic journey filled with hope and resilience. Follow J.MYSTERY for more of his evocative music as he continues to mesmerize and inspire.