Voodoo Leg Bone by Heart of Pine is a vibrant addition to their eclectic musical journey, reflecting their signature “southedelic” blend of blues, country, and rock.  This single is part of their upcoming album, Southern Soul Revival. The track originated from a whimsical moment when guitarist Travis Richardson discovered an old bone while camping, sparking the song’s unique concept and rhythm.

Heart of Pine, formed in 2015 in Athens, Georgia, has evolved to include members like Steven Bagwell, Jesse Fountain, Boone Hood, and Todd Headley. Their ability to mix fun with serious musical craftsmanship shines in this track, making it a standout. The song’s catchy riffs and storytelling lyrics capture the essence of their southern rock roots while pushing creative boundaries.

Overall, “Voodoo Leg Bone” is a must-listen that perfectly encapsulates the band’s dynamic energy and artistic flair. It’s a testament to Heart of Pine’s growth and innovation, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their album release. Be sure to follow Heart of Pine on social media for more updates and future releases!