A pop breath with caressing electro rock bursts, this is Jadu Heart with Zorah Come Home. This group offers swings bordered by gently intoxicating cracklings, in line with the harmonies of Honne.
Under a song with warm assonances, they invite to a throbbing rhythm embroidered with feelings. With this title, taken from their debut album Melt Away, they make you want more. From this 1st opus, tracks such as The Cure, Heroin Song, I’m a Kid, Harry Brompton’s Ice Tea, U never Call Me and Whitefang stand out.
Their notes abound with delicate percussion, soft guitars and feverish incantations distilled by the song of Dina and Faro. Multiplying contrasts, in an iridescent sweetness of poetry and a feverishness with fierce power, Jadu Heart marks hearts again and again.