The talented pop singer-songwriter Jeffrey James releases his new single, “We Can Be Heroes“. The vocal melodies are so catchy and the lyrics are beautifully written. The chorus is so catchy and the production is polished, smart and took this song to a whole new level. Stirred with subtly vocoded bursts, Jeffrey James’s rhythms revolve in impressive waves, with catchy pop echoes. This song flirts us with a graceful flow that grips hearts. ”We Can Be Heroes” is about stepping up when times look dark. It’s about helping those in need and not waiting for someone else to step in as the hero.

Songland standout Jeffrey James releases fan favorite "We Can Be Heroes" |  Beyond The Stage Magazine

Jeffrey James is an eclectic pop singer-songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. Pairing rich vocals, R&B stylings, and reflective lyricism, he creates svelte, brooding tracks that provide deep introspection on the human experience. Since his first project, the 2016 Walls EP, Jeffrey has continued to explore his sound and challenge himself to discover exactly what kind of artist he wants to be.

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